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[19 Aug 2005|11:46pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

And again, another new layout.

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[03 Aug 2005|12:23pm]
new layout:)
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[26 Jul 2005|12:59pm]
I don't really update on this anymore and I'm not gunna lie I probably won't for a really really long time haha. But keep me as your friends!<3
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[03 Jun 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

New layout ♥♥

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[25 Jan 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Comment to be re.added

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[09 Oct 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Went to Cahill's yesterday after getting ditched by a cool kidd :] Cahill & I hung out with RJ and then today her and I went shopping. Tomorrow I have hockey then I'm hanging out with Nikki & Chad. Next Saturday is BOSTON for my sisters 18th birthday with her friends & Cahill. 3 hotel rooms, what now.

GOOD TiMESCollapse )

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[05 Oct 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | drained ]

Sunday I took Bethie out for her birthday, we went to Shorty's. Ew. haha

Then since I had to give Kyle his present for his birthday we drove over to Pat's where him and Derek were and told them tot drive their butt's to my house. So they drove behind us to my house and Bethie left and I hung out with Derek Pat & Kyle for a little.

Yesterday. Nothing. Just babysat with Ilana as always.

Today is mountain day for our school, I didn't go :) skipping and having a little fun, yay for me.

       .. Pictures, SOON?

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[02 Oct 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | listless ]

We can be insane but atleast we have fun :) Bestfriends Alwaysssssssss

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[02 Oct 2004|09:24am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm at GDA visiting my sister:)
It's awesome here but I like my academy better haha, it's less strict. <3
Last night my sister, her friends and I all went out to lunch then to the Varsity Boys soccer game for a little, then my sister sang and I got to see some people I knew from home.. and yay other exciting stuff.
I'm coming home late afternoon today, then maybe Rana is coming over and tomorrow I'm hanging out with Bethie for her birFday!

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Back to school.. [12 Sep 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

School starts tomorrow :( I'm not ready.


Last night we had a girls night at Kenzie's it was supposed to be Me, Kenz, Amber, Logan, Lizzie & Cahill but it ended up just being Me, Amber, Kenz & Lizzie. Which was still funnn. I'm gunna miss Amber & Cahill TOO much this year!

.. And today we went to the Picnic/Assembly or w/e at school. I saw most people and it was okay I suppppppppose!



- Click for updated picssss cause I'm too lazy to post some!

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[09 Sep 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | awake ]

I love my friends, they keep me sane.

Derek Nikki Em Kyle Bethie Chad [ 11 ] Lizzie Kenzie Logan Amber Cahill

My life is right here.Collapse )

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[08 Sep 2004|09:56am]
[ mood | crappy ]

-Well I went to the Nashua High South VS. Nashua High North game + the BG game this weekend w/ Em. They both were awesome, I got to see so many people, especially people I haven't seen for a long time.

-I had to go back up to the lake on Saturday night after the BG game. Logan was up so we just hung out, went fishing? haha.

-When I got home on Monday I went over Derek's house for a few hours, we watched MTV the entire time but there was very entertaining things on that day haha.

-Yesterday I went to my school, ghetto lawrence academy.. for the first time since June 12th:) I helped Lizzie move into her dorm, she is roomies with a proctor so she has a huge room with their own bathroom and stuff. Then Kenzie and I walked around, went to some peoples dorms and stuff then we went back to her house until 9:30.

-Today I'm getting my hurrrrr done, and who knows what else!

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NEW LJ [19 Aug 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I have a new livejournal, it's friends only so just go to it and comment if you want to be added :) I might still use this one every once and a while though.


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A change :) [18 Aug 2004|09:34am]


 Comment to be added

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[18 Aug 2004|09:12am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

 Monday night Nikki slept over. We rented Duece Bigalo, Male Gigalo & Hot Chick :) We just talked and caught up on stuff. I missed her because she's one of the only true girls I have that I've never even fought with. We woke up the next day and basically I spent all morning until 1:30 trying to find something to wear. Nik left and Doug took me to my wax appointment. After that we picked up Logan and the three of us went to watch the BG VS. NHS football scrimmage. BG won. I didn't care who won because I like both of them because well, I don't go to either of them haha. But I was BG'd outt because I was only there to see someone on their team ;)

 That night I just went out to dinner with my sister, Doug, KT, my brother by heart Steve and some of her other friends @ Chili's then we went for ice cream. I was supposed to go out with SOMEONE ELSE that night but one of my "friends" had to have a fit over it so I didn't just to let her have it her way, argh.

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[15 Aug 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

WELL . I got up to the lake about two weeks ago and I hung out with Sam for a few days. I missed her because I only get to see her 2 weeks every August because she's from Virginia. On Sunday Derek and his family came, Sam came over and like 5 other families. Derek ended up staying a week with me and we had a funn times, a few fights but that's what we always do haha. My Uncle Hank died a week ago. I was out on the water trampoline with Derek and Adam, my mom called me back in. She told me. It was one of the hardest things I had ever had to hear. I cried obviously. And 3 or 4 days following every once and a while I'd just cry and cry. I went to the wake and saw all my family. It was really hard to see my Aunt and every one else and not cry. Especially when I saw that the casket was open. It was a shock to every one and it's not going to the be the same without him. I got home today from the lake and I just need a good nap. The only two things I have that I'm doing this week is hockey and Six Flags. Kenny Chesney concert at the end of this month, hopefully:)

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[07 Aug 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Yesterday Logan & Alicia came over. We went on the water trampoline then went tubing for a straight hour and a half. I have never laughed so hard in my life. We are amazing at it. Then we came back and we jetskiing. I drove one:) and my dad drove the other. Then the three of us went out to dindin then to weirs. I go to these two guys " My friend thinks your hott " and they came over and talked to us but when we realized they were gross we teased them and made fun of them, they didn't realize it though. The two "Andrews" haha. Today I went over Sam's we went on the golf cart, I got to drive that yay for me. Then to the beach, and then her and I took her grandpa's jetski outt. Tomorrow Derek is coming up with his family, two other families are coming and Sam is gunna come over too.

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Read this [04 Aug 2004|07:16pm]

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[03 Aug 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Last night Andre & Ryan picked me up then we went to Best Buy to get them some CD. We picked up Logan from her house then we went to meet Derek and Justin at the mall. We walked around, stalked the store Brookstone then left. We drove around some more, they raced one another. Then Derek and Justin decided to go home so Logan and I went back to Andres for a little then we met up with these two gorgeous guys and one of them came with us and we went to Nicks house and saw some people and then Andre had to take Logan and I home because our curphews were 11 - Today I had hockey, it sucked because I wasn't in the mood. Tomorrow I'm leaving after hockey for my lakehouse for 10 days, thank god.

What use to be..Collapse )

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[02 Aug 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So I woke up this morning to the sound of workers pulling up the tile by the front door, I decided I wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep for the life of me so I showered and got ready. Then I went out to lunch with Adam and then he dropped me off to get my nails done and guess who I saw? SUE. We talked for like a half hour and that was awesome because I hadn't seen her for a year and we use to be the best of friends. I never was so random, had so much fun or laughed so hard with someone other than her, haha. Tonight I'm hanging out with Andre, who knows where we're going..I might make him take me back to the graveyard to scare me haha. On Wed I head back up to my lakehouse for a week and a half, I'm happy about that because people here in Nashua are becoming really messed up lately. Apparently I can't make my discions for myself and I'm 5 so everyone has to look out for me and never let me live my own life. Oh and Logan and Alicia are gunna be up so I'm gunna take them out on my jetskii, I know it's a scary thought to know I drive it, but I'm not bad: ) On Wed night I might go to the OAR concert, if we can get tickets, with my sister, KTL and my friend Sam from up at the lake. If we can't get tickets then Sam and I are gunna just hang out and chill. If anyone wants to come up to my lakehouse anytime this week just let me know!

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